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Annie's Picture.jpg
Annie Gong
Auckland New Zealand

Originally from China, now based in Auckland New Zealand for the past 15 years and performing worldwide with extensive repertoire from the Classics to Rock and Pop.

Annie has performed and thrilled audiences from Beijing to New York and has appeared on Beijing television as well as PBS television in New York as a solo artist with her incredible virtual Symphony orchestra.

She astounds both Cruise Ship and Land Based audiences with her beautiful repertoire of music from Classical fusion, to movie themes and Broadway, and to some of the biggest rock and pop music on the planet.

When live on stage, Annie has a delightful cheeky sense of humor which comes through with her natural personality and banter winning audiences and fans all over the world. Accordion Stars Magazine New York voted Annie Entertainer-Musician Of the Year .

In 2019 Annie had the honor of being voted Musician of The Year, By the Federation Of American Musicians Singers And Performing Artists (FAMSPA)

When at home in Auckland, Annie is always busy arranging and recording her unique symphony orchestral repertoire of classical music, movie scores, rock classics and Chinese fusion music. Annie has been playing since she was five years old and completed a BA in music and studied Jazz at the Auckland University School of Music. Her passion is to bring the accordion into the twenty-first century as she believes it is a very underrated and powerful instrument.

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