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IDEAS IT Helps Desk or Computer Training On Demand

(Flat rate fee = $50/hr, billed easily through PayPal)

Zoom link will be sent to you via e-mail

Let's face it -- Many of you did not grow up during the computer revolution. You have adapted and are doing your best with computers even though you weren't born with one in your hands like most of today's youth.

Joe Natoli understands this concern and how intimidated some folks can be by the current technologies. Even this IDEAS web site relies on many of the technologies that may be troubling or causing you issues or concerns.

You may also be having problems with your computer, or dealing with some computer basics, that if you understood how to deal with them quickly, could make your life so much easier and efficient.

Therefore, off to the right you will see a list of services that Joe can help you with, having been an Computer IT Professional for 35 years. He wants you to feel as comfortable and easy with this technology as so many of today's generation do. So he is here to help you.


This saves you from having to sign up at a local community college for these computer classes where such training could be considerably more expensive. Now this on-demand training is easily accessible and easily customized to your individual needs right from your desktop communicating with Joe online via Zoom. Zoom also allows Joe to take control of your computer by permission to help you understand things even more quickly.

Help Desk or Training Services

  • Efficient use of your Desktop

  • File manipulation & archiving

  • File downloads and saving

  • Using efficient Searches to find files you've "misplaced" 

  • Using Zoom or Skype effectively

  • Creating shortcuts on desktop

  • In depth training for

    • Microsoft Word

    • Microsoft Excel

    • Microsoft Outlook

    • Gmail or Yahoo Mail

    • Screen capture (Snippit)

    • Any other PC based applications

  • Addressing any other PC issue or concerns you may have

  • Providing HELP DESK services with a time-based billing model

Classroom Training Services

  • If there is enough demand, we will also consider classroom Zoom sessions.

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