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Digital Accordion (a Fresh Perspective) - Episode 1


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Digital Accordion (a Fresh Perspective) – Episode 1

(by Joseph Natoli)

Press Release 4/1/24 in


Joseph Natoli announces the release of Episode 1 of his new music series entitled Digital Accordion (a Fresh Perspective), providing deeply rich and complete orchestrations of his 10 original compositions and 10 arrangements for the Roland FR-8X/Bugari Evo.

What makes this collection unique and unprecedented is that it is an entirely new evolution for digital accordion music. Everything you will need is provided in one neat and organized self-contained package, including:

  1. 63 pages of sheet music for the 20 fully orchestrated selections (exploring amazingly diverse genres of music)

  2. 92 original and customized User Programs (UPGs) for these orchestrations

  3. Detailed and easy Instructions for loading and organizing each of these UPGs

  4. 20 studio quality recordings (totaling 47 minutes!) by Joseph Natoli for these selections, to be used as a practice guide or an enjoyable listening experience

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Joseph is the Director of IDEAS (International Digital Electronic Accordion Society) which provides an amazingly supportive Facebook page called GR8 IDEAS as well as four international IDEAS Symposiums, and dozens of monthly online workshops; all focused on helping digital accordionists to maximize the musical potential of their instruments. If you want to play the same orchestrations and powerful music that Joseph Natoli created and teaches within the GR8 IDEAS community, make sure to get your copy of Digital Accordion (a Fresh Perspective) – Episode 1! 

One can purchase the Episode 1 collection for the low price of $149 + $10 shipping/handling (a $270 value).

Digital Accordion (a Fresh Perspective) – Episode 1 will be provided in completely digital format, either online or via USB flash drive sent by USPS mail. You can acquire your copy by reaching out to to place your order after the release date of April 1, 2024, or simply click on the "Buy Now PayPal" button above.

This same Episode 1 collection is expected to be released in the near future for the Roland FR-4X as well.

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