What is the IDEAS Faculty Scholar Program?

Starting with 2019 at Symposium 2.0, Joe Natoli and Michael Soloway, as the co-founders and co-directors of IDEAS (The International Digital Electronic Accordion Society) have decided to distinguish those members whose activities and history are stellar and involved – and who have supported the project since its inception, working  with us to build the community all over the world, and who are deeply involved in the playing, performing, creation, and  teaching of digital/electronic accordions.


The position is a lifetime honorary appointment to the Symposium Faculty, and as IDEAS grows and continues to expand, our IDEAS SCHOLARS will form an impressive gallery; and will begin to become an increasing part of the history of an already historic organization and society. The award will be presented each year at the final celebration dinner on the final evening of the Symposium. Marco Cinaglia of Proxima Digital Accordion has been chosen as this year’s IDEAS FACULTY SCHOLAR for 2020. IDEAS is pleased to continue this program of honor and history for the second year, and  proud to have March Cignalia as its 2nd recipient. Congratulations MARCO !!

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