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Eddie Monteiro

Eddie Monteiro_edited.png

Eddie Monteiro is an internationally recognized musician and educator with 30 years of musical performance in classical, jazz, dance, theater, cabaret and choral ensembles. He won several accordion championships as a youth and was also the youngest honoree elected to the American Accordionist’s Hall of Fame. Eddie recently returned from Italy where he was performing and teaching, and taking time time to discuss his music and his involvement with the accordion. 

Monteiro explained that the instrument itself has often been misrepresented. “The accordion has been maligned far too often in the numerous jokes and cartoons,” he said. “The Lawrence Welk image with Myron Floren showed the accordion but in a somewhat 'corny' musical idiom. In addition, I think there are many accordionists who have continued to play at less than professional level. Others are just so outlandish in their presentations that people take note and think they're great. The accordion, far too often, isn't played for the public in a very positive way.” 

Well IDEAS is glad to know that in the hands of Eddie Monteiro, being one of the greatest jazz accordion artists in the world, the accordion and especially the digital accordion,  will always be presented in the most positive musical light possible!

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