IDEAS Symposium 4.0
Our 2020 Virtual Symposium was a huge success and although we had hoped to have a hyrid virutal and live event this year, Covid and the new variants are making that risky. So we will continue one more year in 2021 with our virtual format only since so many people really enjoyed it last year!!

Time left to Symposium 4.0

Jan 21  - Jan 30, 2022

Detailed document on navigating the above schedule successfully during this exciting Symposium. The Excel version of the schedule also on the left enables seeing more detail by hovering over each cell.

Yes we are completely virtual again for our Symposium 4.0
But with God's help on this Covid virus, our 2022 Symposium 5.0 will be a hybrid combination of a week-long virtual piece, followed immediately by a 3-day live event that will include follow-up classes to enhance what was learned virtually, as well as live concerts held once again at the beautiful GRAND RESORT (formerly Avalon Inn & Resort) in Warren, OH