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GR8 IDEAS Symposium 5.0
Last year's GR8 IDEAS Virtual Symposium 4.0 was another huge success and although we had hoped to make it a hybrid virtual and live event, Covid and the new variants made that very risky.

However, in 2023, things are looking better!!  Yeah!!  However, since both Symposiums 3.0 and 4.0 were such huge knowledge share successes as completely virtual events, we plan on having both virtual and live events for Symposium 5.0!! This will be exciting as we will have the best of both worlds and will be bringing you new performing artists and faculty as well. Stay tuned!!

Time left to Symposium 5.0

Virtual Event (Feb 6-12, 2023)

Symposium 5.0 CANCELLED

Time left to Symposium 5.0

Live Event (Apr 26-30, 2023)

Symposium 5.0 Schedule will be posted here when ready

Our Symposium 5.0 will be a hybrid combination of a week-long virtual piece, followed immediately by a 3-day live event that will include follow-up classes to enhance what was learned virtually, as well as completely new information, and our usual spectacular LIVE concerts held once again at the beautiful GRAND RESORT
(formerly Avalon Inn & Resort) in Warren, OH

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