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Jerry Jacoby

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Jerry was born and raised in southern Minnesota farm country.  He grew up listening to and dancing to polka bands with their fancy concertinas and piano accordions.  After traveling the world in the military and business world, Jerry now lives in northern Minnesota surrounded by lakes and forests.  Jerry didn’t take up playing the accordion until later in life. 


He has always been fascinated by the beauty and mystery of western music.  In college he was surprised to discover his favorite class was a music appreciation class.  When he finally decided to quit sitting on the sidelines, and start playing an instrument, he chose the accordion.  He now plays a Roland FR-4X.  When he started attending accordion club meetings and conventions around the country, he noticed a lot of players sitting on the sidelines.  He had discovered a role he could play.   He has been encouraging accordion players of all levels to play and have fun performing with others ever since.  It does help that he isn’t exactly shy!


So Jerry has been an obvious talent and pick for the IDEAS jam sessions in both 2018 and 2019, and for 2020 in our new virtual world, that will translate to the Jerry Jacoby Happy Hour, promising to be a hit and a lot of fun for all involved!

Pics of Previous Jerry Jacoby Jam Sessions at IDEAS

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Jerry Jacoby Jam3.JPG
Jerry Jacoby Jam1.JPG
Jerry Jacoby Jam4.JPG
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