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Matthias Matzke

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Matthias lives in Gingen an der Fils, Germany and was one of the first Jazz Accordion Bachelors in Hans-Günther Kölz’s class at the Hohner Conservatory Trossingen and the Institute of Music at the University Osnabrück. Versed in many musical styles his repertoire reaches from classical music and original works to jazz, pop and rock. Besides solo projects on classical and digital accordion Matthias works as an arranger, composer and songwriter; among other disciplines for his Crossover Band "Synthonic Rock" and different duo projects with Leonie Kratz featuring classical soprano and movement. 

Milestones of his career are first prizes of numerous national and international contests such as "Deutscher Akkordeon Musikpreis," "Jugend musiziert,“ "Roland V-Accordion Festival" and "CoupeMondiale." His musical activity also includes journalism, education and lectureships. 


As a soloist, Matthias played works for accordion and symphony orchestra and is a member of Germany’s federal accordion orchestra. 


He gained experience in radio and TV shows and played concerts all over the world (Shanghai, Peking, Seoul, Tokyo, Ankara, St. Petersburg, Costa Rica, the USA and Europe). 


Matthias Matzke is known as pioneer for the digital accordion and also studied electronic music at the Hohner Conservatory.  


Finding modern ways to express music on his instrument has always been his vision. The accordion may sometimes be underestimated - this, however, makes the instrument all the more promising in his eyes.

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