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Mitchell White

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Newly retired from a 40+ year career in science, industry and business, Mitch White lives in central Texas. His work took him to forty countries on five continents, and included training over 10,000 folks in science and technology in various fields.


Mitch began learning the accordion at age 10, taking lessons at the Southwest School of Music (now defunct) in San Antonio, Texas. When the family moved, he lost connection to instruction and the accordion was set aside for other interests, including math and science competitions, electronics & amateur radio, and running. College, graduate school, and life generally occupied his full attention thereafter, though he never forgot about his student accordion.


About five years ago, with his career winding down and an empty nest, Mitch connected with the Central Texas Accordion Association (CTAA) and rekindled his interest in music. A newly refurbished La Scala and a Weltmeister became his learning tools, while activities with the CTAA and other central Texas groups helped him grow as a musician. Three years ago, his wife Paula Jo gifted him a Roland FR-8X, and new areas of learning and play opened up for him.


Mitch continues to study and practice, while developing sounds of personal interest via the FR-8X Editor. He also played an FR-4X for several months, and naturally investigated that instrument’s Editor. Mitch has been a clinician during the first two IDEAS Symposiums, mainly supporting Michael Soloway’s FR-4X course tracks. He takes great pleasure from helping others enter the exciting world of sound editing for their virtual accordions. He is also experimenting with the BK-7m arranger. Recent musical interests include picking up the ukulele, and starting piano study.


Mitch is part of the Symposium 3.0 Technical Team, assisting with preparations for Zoom virtual attendance by everyone, as well as supporting the V-Accordion Set Editor operations.

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