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Markus Baggio

Markus Baggio.JPG

Markus has been playing acoustic accordion since the age of seven. He played mainly in accordion orchestras all over Germany. He was one of the founding members of the “State Youth Accordion Orchestra Rhineland-Palatinate.”


Inspired by some YouTube videos from Richard Noel he started in 2013 with an Roland FR-3x and the BK7m module and replaced the FR-3x with and FR-8x shortly after its release in 2014.


For the past years Markus has conducted several training sessions covering features, tips & tricks of the BK7m at the National Accordion Convention (NAA) in Dallas. As Markus is still working full time he doesn’t have much time to perform in public, but when he does, he shows how to bring the digital accordion and the arranger to their full potential, playing many genres from North and South America and Europe, Polkas and Waltzes to Latin, Country and Big Band. 

Markus has perfected his use of the BK7M and brings to those using this module a wealth of knowledge on extracting the most from it with its wide array of fully functional arranger capabilities. You will be amazed at what Markus can do with this module and what he in turn can teach you to extract from it.  IDEAS welcomes Markus on our faculty

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