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Julie Wisniewski

The major influence in Julie's life was her Ukrainian born father, who played the accordion in Ukraine and Poland, during World War II, entertaining military personnel.

When Julie was 13, her father brought home a small black 80 bass Settimio Soprani Piano Accordion, from his old War friend, and handed it to her, hoping that his musical daughter would be interested. This changed the course of her life almost instantly and became her ultimate passion. Julie's love of the accordion turned into an obsession. The desire to learn and excel on the accordion was evident from the outset. There was no limitation to her musical dream, and Julie sought a professional teacher.

Within a year, Julie was performing in the Under Age Solo Championships organized by the ASA (Accordion Society of Australia), studying under Catherine Day, performing in the Accordion ASA orchestra under the influence of Ross Maio, and within 3 years, competed in various age solo/duet sections, in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, and ultimately  the Australian Nationals/Australasian Championships in New Zealand where she was awarded 2nd place.  Julie also led a 5 piece accordion ensemble that also performed in New Zealand.

Constantly gaining in skill level and confidence, Julie quickly matured into a polished musician and a lead player in numerous ensembles.

Julie progressed from playing the piano accordion in various bands and in Ukrainian/Youth Centre Halls at age 14 to playing in various musicals such as Fiddler on the Roof and Zorba.

From age 15, Julie worked professionally with a Polish/Ukrainian band, then started the club scene at age 16, playing in a Russian/Ukrainian band.

Julie then branched out from her acoustic accordion to play an electronic accordion, with the latest sound modules, to play solo at Italian restaurants, with a 3 piece band at Russian/Ukrainian weddings/clubs, then joined a Czechoslovakian band at age 17, and in 1993 played for the Czechoslovakian president on his visit to Sydney.

Julie's musical career blossomed, and she joined various other bands that catered for the wider European musical taste and began playing at major Festivals, including Oktoberfests. Julie was the lead instrument with 3- to 6-piece bands and headlined major festivals in Sydney, Canberra and various Australian regional festivals, and regularly performed in 5-star hotels and the Bavarian Beer Cafes.

This rapid increase in exposure, led to Julie playing solo and ensemble functions for corporate events, weddings, funerals, Christmas functions, nursing homes, food festivals, exclusive Charity functions, Italian/German Festivals and ships around Sydney Harbor.

Julie is well known for her versatile repertoire with her fingers moving at lightning speed (described intimately as a mysterious spider weaving a web!) captivating audiences around Australia with her many improvisations and arrangements, performing Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, German,  Austrian, Slovenian, Spanish, French, Irish melodies and much more including well known dance rhythms such as the Waltz, Polka, Samba, Rumba, Cha cha, Rock, Pop, Swing, Foxtrot, Latin, Australian, songs for children/movie themes and classical melodies with a techno/rock rhythm that will entrance you into her musical nostalgic adventure.


Julie performs from small intimate gatherings through to restaurants, functions and large state events. Her musical arrangements will inspire, and your entertainment is assured when Julie is on stage.

Her artistic goal is to improve the awareness of the accordion amongst her various audiences and to revive the accordion.

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